I want the bank job in my home town only. Is it possible?

If your home-town happens to be large cities like Bengaluru, Hyderabad or Mumbai, definitely yes! While banks are present across the country, in even small locations, vacancies will be lesser in smaller locations.

So if you insist on a smaller location only, we advice you to register under our Job-First program. Under Job-First program, we offer you the freedom to opt for a specific location (within 50 kms radius). Whenever you opt for a specific location (as against, anywhere in your home-state), we are not bound by any condition on minimum number of interview opportunities. You may therefore have to wait longer for interview opportunities. The comfort you have is that you need not pay the course fee to us till you get your preferred location!

Under Job-Guarantee program, our guarantee works only for job opportunities anywhere in the state. Hence you cannot opt for a specific location. However, we will still support you on a best effort basis for an appropriate job within your preferred location, even under the Job-Guarantee program.

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