What are the conditions for 100% fee refund under the Job-Guarantee program?

We promise you 100% fee refund in our Job-Guarantee program, if we are not able to help you secure a job offer in any bank or BFSI entity within a maximum period of 4 months of course completion. There are only a few simple & legitimate conditions:

  1. Data provided to us with regards to eligibility conditions must be 100% true
  2. You must have proper KYC documents
  3. You must not be a loan defaulter
  4. You must complete the course within a maximum period of 8 weeks (including 2 weeks of grace period)
  5. You must attend at least 80% of our interactive classes
  6. You must attend all interview opportunities provided by us within your preferred state
  7. You must provide all documents & information sought by us or the banks for the selection process & within the time-limit

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