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Branch Catchment Scoping

This byte-sized course will be extremely useful for Branch Managers to understand catchment scoping of retail bank branches, the importance of doing catchment scoping & how to do catchment scoping.

Branch presence gives the power of distribution to banks & distribution is the key to retail business. This logic is easy to understand but generally most bank branches do not approach it with due seriousness. If you disagree, try naming the 10th shop in just the lane opposite your branch! Even if you know the right answer, we hope you are getting the point.

This course is primarily intended for Branch Managers of retail banks. Even if you are reasonably confident of the level of catchment scoping that you have done for your branch, the small price, easy digital convenience & the short time needed for you to go through this micro-learning course makes it at least worth a dekko. 

Course Summary:
  • Content

    Videos: 4 | Quiz: 1

  • Course length

    Less than 60 mins.

  • Max. time period for course completion

    3 days

  • Course fee

    ₹ 649 (₹ 550 + GST)

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