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BygC bridges the gap between education and employment by being a professional platform for young people focused on career discovery and development in the banking & financial services sector. The platform helps young people discover their passions and develop the relevant career skills, while empowering employers to attract the right talent more effectively.

Why BygC

Our leadership team is an amalgamation of deep expertise, experience and passion for human capital. The 3 co-founders, between them have a collective experience of over 7 decades in business roles in modern banking in banks like HDFC Bank & SBI. 

Each of our hand-picked faculty members have rich experience of over 15 years each across top banks like ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank & Axis Bank among others. 

One of our biggest advantages in training is oddly, the fact that most of us are bankers with a business bent of mind & not career trainers. Hence our focus on practical insights & coaching and not so much on banking theory. Our current range of programs are especially suited for sales & relationship banking roles in retail branch banking, ranging from Sales Officers to Relationship Managers to Branch Managers – both for hiring trained talent & for employee upskilling.

Talk to us to find out how we can be your perfect skill-partners! 

Hire from us

Improve your hiring efficiency, reduce the cost and time and still get better skilled candidates!

Our trainees are literally hand-picked after a personal interview with us from the hundreds who apply daily to BygC. Apart from basic educational qualification & communication skills, we also evaluate their readiness for customer-handling, sales or relationship roles. 

These short-listed candidates are then groomed by us with our unique training course that make them a perfect fit and an ideal solution for your pre-trained manpower needs. 

We also provide mentoring support for our candidates for those difficult first 2-month period, to help them settle down in their job faster.

  • We shortlist candidates basis your requirements
  • You select from these candidates
  • You issue letter of intent to those selected
  • We train them the BygC way & make them job-ready
  • We modify the training content basis your requirements, if any
  • Training certified candidates proceed to join your bank and start contributing from day 1!
  • Our trainers provide mentoring support to these candidates for 2 more months, post joining


We currently run this model with 6 different banks & financial services entities. Talk to us if you wish to discuss this further.

BygC provides you a training setup with the widest business experience in modern banking. Gain from it.

Our training programs are a blend of practical insights, born out of the rich business experience of our founders, and a delivery model that saves time & cost and yet provides assured outcome with additional personalised mentoring possibilities.

We currently offer programs for all levels of retail branch banking, including for Branch Managers, Relationship Managers & Sales Officers.

Talent Search

BygC is a beehive for banking career aspirants. Our uniqueness lies in our single-minded focus on the BFSI sector and the range of offerings that we provide to our stakeholders within that sector.

Launching soon in selected geographies

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