Job-Centric Upskilling in Retail Banking

Our vision is to become India’s go-to platform for job-centric upskilling in the BFSI sector

We are already emerging as the country’s premier enabler for young job aspirants keen on a modern retail banking career, providing both job skills and placement support. In just over a year of operation, our candidates have been hired by 10 different banks. That’s not all. At least 4 top banks have tapped our expertise in training their existing employees too.  We also offer probably the country’s only upskilling courses to benefit the career growth of modern retail bankers.

We make you better at your job

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Considering a banking career?

Great choice. Share of financial services in India’s market capitalisation is large (24% in FY21) and growing (from just 6% in FY01). Yet Indian banks are still too small when compared to their global peers. We just have 1 bank in the top 100! There is huge space for the sector to grow. With growing digitalisation, the jobs on demand are in customer handling and in sales and relationship roles.


How can BygC help?

We provide you job skills that matter. And banks like candidates who are pre-skilled. Most of the fast-growing private sector banks also need a lot of new hiring for their retail branch officers roles. That makes this a win-win deal for all.

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BygC for Bankers

We offer the best upskilling programs for bankers involved in relationship management and sales roles, right up to the level of Branch Managers. Our courses are specially crafted by industry experts to help you deliver superior business results, be it in terms of sales productivity or casa values or income achievement. All with a simple objective, to help you perform better, grow in your career and earn higher sales incentives or financial rewards. We have a mix of micro-learning courses for those looking to fill their skill gap and full-fledged courses for those needing the complete package.

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BygC’s Program

Our programs are a mix of video-based courses, accessible 24*7 on our mobile apps, live interactions with dedicated coaches and personalised on-the-job mentoring by industry experts. We make it even more special with masterclass sessions from industry seniors. No more boring webinars in the guise of training and at inconvenient timings. And all this at the most responsible pricing structure, with the best result orientation.

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Job Linked Programs

Unmatched content, accomplished mentors, unique course delivery

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BygC Bytes

Micro Courses for practising Retail Bankers


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Who We Are

Online academy for job skilling

We are the country’s first of its kind online academy, using digital technology to bridge the skill gap in the banking and the financial services sector. Our initial courses are structured for the benefit of college freshers looking for a career in the fast growing retail banking industry, employees from other sectors wanting a change in career, colleges seeking to improve their placement record by providing specially curated courses for their final year students and even banks seeking to upskill their existing employees.

Our courses are conceived and structured by industry stalwarts, keeping in mind the evolving job roles in these industries. The content will be focused on the specific skills needed for the real daily grind that the jobs will involve, to help the candidates to

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