Job Guarantee Program

Banking course with bank job guaranteed

If you wish to start a career in retail branch banking, your best bet is to get admitted to BygC’s job-guaranteed, banking course.

While our Job First program gives you the comfort of getting the bank job offer even before you join the course, it has the disadvantage of you not being fully trained & ready before you face the bank interview. This reduces your probability of success. Our Job Guarantee program is designed to addresses this specific problem.

Candidates who qualify BygC’s selection process for our Job Guarantee program, undergo our unique training program that is designed to make it easier for you to get selected by your preferred bank. A pre-skilled & pre-groomed candidate is always going to be in high demand in an industry which is as fast growing as banking!

BygC’s Job Guarantee programs cater to all roles in retail branch banking, starting from the level of a Sales Officer, right up to a Branch Manager.

While you review the full details of the program, you may also wish to check out the testimonials shared by other fellow candidates on how this program helped them get their dream bank job! 

Our Candidates have been hired by

A course with a difference!

Job guarantee or 100% refund

Most of our candidates will generally get placed even before the training is complete. Our Job Guarantee  program assures an appropriate bank-job offer within 4 months of course completion.

Or we shall refund the entire fees paid by you!

Subject to only 3 simple conditions:

  • Complete Course

Complete the online banking course as per schedule

  • Don’t miss any interactive classes

Attend all our interactive & masterclass sessions

  • Don’t miss any bank interviews

Attend all bank interviews & selection process arranged by us

Do check out our detailed FAQ section for any related clarification(s) or call us back!

BygC Job Guarantee Program for Retail Banker

Retail Banker

Our most popular course, to help you start your retail banking career in any of the roles in modern banks. Well suited for freshers as well as those with limited experience.
BygC Job Guarantee Program for Relationship Manager

Relationship Manager

Get selected for the most-in-demand role of Relationship Managers in new generation private sector banks. Best suited for those with at least couple of years of good sales experience or MBAs from top colleges.
Branch Manager Job Guarantee Program by BygC

Branch Manager

Designed for those ready for team-handling and supervisory roles as head of retail bank branch. Suited for experienced Sales Managers or Relationship Managers.