CASA Sourcing for Beginners - BygC CASA sourcing for beginners

CASA Sourcing for Beginners

Course Summary


Videos: 13 | Quiz: 5

Course duration

Approx. 4 hours | Max. 5 days

Course fee

₹ 499 (+GST) Special promotional pricing: ₹ 249 (+GST)

Course Content

Basic Banking

Introduction to CASA

Savings Account

SB | Salary

Current Account

Overview | Understanding business | Scoping

CASA Business

Acquisition | Enhancement | Measurement

HNI Acquisition

Generating references | Acquiring HNI customers


CASA Sourcing for Beginners

₹ 249

Banking relationships get strengthened only with CASA accounts. Indeed, most banking relationships in fact, start with CASA accounts!

Sourcing CASA business, therefore is the single largest and most important task for retail banking. It is also probably the most difficult part.

This course will cover a range of basic inputs which will help your understanding of CASA and provide you many ideas and tools to source more business.

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