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Relationship Manager | Upskill

Course Summary

Online Content (24/7)

Videos: 61 | Quizzes: 23 | Assignments: 13

Course Fee

₹ 17,700

Course Content

Introduction to Retail Banking

Principles of basic banking | Needs of a retail customer

Liabilities Business

Product and business understanding of: Savings account | Salary account | Current account | CASA business | Fixed deposits | NR business. Added emphasis on current accounts & CASA business.

Other Products & Services

Product and business understanding of: Retail assets | Cards | Digital banking | Investments | Insurance | Retail foreign exchange | Trade finance

Customer Handling

KYC & AML | Understanding customers | CRM | Sales interactions | Business enablers

Relationship Banking

Relationship banking | Portfolio management | Acquisition of HNI customers | Racing & deracing | Income objectives

Key Operational Controls


Relationship Manager | Upskill

₹ 17700

BygC's Relationship Manager program under our Upskill series is designed to benefit those who are currently in that role or aspiring to get into that role shortly.

Relationship Managers are probably the most-in-demand role in any retail bank. Relationship Managers typically handle the best customers of the bank. Consequently they carry the highest business targets and therefore the highest incentives! The job is both exciting and financially rewarding but equally challenging, especially for those who are newly in to the job.

If you relate to what we have mentioned, you need BygC's upskill solution.

Read-on if you do not want to miss out on the huge incentives that your bank is offering. Or if you are badly seeking some additional help on selling skills. Or you are feeling let down by the lack of appropriate training support or mentoring. Or you are just getting ready for a possible promotion opportunity as a Relationship Manager.

What we provide

For starters, our content is exclusively prepared by business experts & not by career trainers. The content is prepared for meeting your business objectives. Be it sales productivity or CASA values or managed income.

The program is a perfect mix of personalized mentoring by our business experts & 24*7 digital convenience of our short & engaging video lectures & online tests & assignments. You can do bulk of the program as per your convenience, at your free time. Your schedules with your dedicated coach-cum-mentor is flexible & can also be fixed as per mutual convenience. We really understand the demands of your challenging job.

Wouldn't it be terrific to have your personal coach & career mentor? Someone who has seen it and done it and knows exactly what you need? Even a Roger Federer needs one!


Our objective is to be your friend, philosopher & guide with respect to your business goals. We will provide you tools to improve your business results, be it sales productivity, CASA & liability business or income achievement. This should help you out-perform your business targets, earn 3X incentives or bonus, get faster promotion and bigger salary hikes.

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