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Relationship Manager | Upskill

Are you working as an HNI relationship manager (RM) in a retail bank branch and missing out on the huge incentives that your bank is offering? Have you joined a retail bank branch recently as an RM? And badly seeking some additional help on selling skills? Are you feeling let down by the lack of appropriate training support or mentoring? Or are you looking at upskilling for a possible promotion opportunity?

Looking for a personalized upskill program?

You have tried various trainings before. Those trainings are great for basic product and process knowledge and even for some soft skills. But you have realized that business results do not improve by that adequately enough.

You are energised by the sessions of some of your business seniors or even some specific individuals in your training team, but they do not have the exclusive time to devote to you. If only they had, boy, you would have loved it!

And what about the new webinar-based online training programs? Truth be told, they are both ineffective & very boring!

You badly need BygC's upskill program designed for Relationship Managers!

What do we offer?

For starters, our content is exclusively prepared by business experts & not by career trainers. The content is prepared for meeting your business objectives. Be it sales productivity or CASA values or managed income.

The program is a perfect mix of personalized mentoring by our business experts & 24*7 digital convenience of our short & engaging video lectures & online tests & assignments. You can do bulk of the program as per your convenience, at your free time. Your schedules with your dedicated coach-cum-mentor is flexible & can also be fixed as per mutual convenience. We really understand the demands of your challenging job.

Wouldn't it be terrific to have your personal coach & career mentor? Someone who has seen it and done it and knows exactly what you need? Even a Roger Federer needs one!

So, what you can get from us?

Our objective is to be your friend, philosopher & guide with respect to your business goals. We will provide you tools to improve your business results, be it sales productivity, CASA & liability business or income achievement. This should help you out-perform your business targets, earn 3X incentives or bonus, get faster promotion and bigger salary hikes.

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This course provides a course completion certificate once you finish the same & it does not come with any placement assistance. If you are looking for a job in retail banks, you may consider our alternative course for skilling aspiring Relationship Managers.

Course Fee: ₹ 9,440 (incl all taxes)
  • Instalments

    Option to pay in 2 equal monthly instalments

Duration: 8 weeks | 80 hours

Course Content
  • Introduction to Retail Banking

    Principles of basic banking | Needs of a retail customer

  • Liabilities Business

    Product and business understanding of: Savings account | Salary account | Current account | CASA business | Fixed deposits | NR business. Added emphasis on current accounts & CASA business.

  • Other Products & Services

    Product and business understanding of: Retail assets | Cards | Digital banking | Investments | Insurance | Retail foreign exchange | Trade finance

  • Customer Handling

    KYC & AML | Understanding customers | CRM | Sales interactions | Business enablers

  • Relationship Banking

    Relationship banking | Portfolio management | Acquisition of HNI customers | Racing & deracing | Income objectives

  • Key Operational Controls

Program Details
  • Content

    Specially curated course material, developed ground-up by expert industry practitioners with over 100 years of collective experience of running retail business in financial services sector. We bet you won’t find anything close, in either your bank’s training structure or in the market!

  • Online Content (24/7)

    Videos: 49 | Quizzes: 22 | Assignments: 12

  • Delivery

    The content is divided into small 8 to 10 minutes long talks, interspersed by wisdom gained over decades and delivered by subject experts, personally to you! Yes, you guessed it, these talks are professionally recorded in a studio (not an actual class recording, thankfully) with high quality video and audio and with appropriate text and motion graphics to reinforce the message (not a dumb ppt!).

  • Live Coaching

    24 hours of interactive learning including Masterclass sessions with industry experts

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