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Are you working in a sales role in a retail bank branch and missing out on the huge incentives that your bank is offering? Have you joined a retail bank branch recently? And badly seeking some additional help on selling skills? Are you feeling let down by the lack of appropriate training support or mentoring? Looking for a better performance for a possible promotion - like moving to a sales role because of it's higher income opportunity?

Your training experience so far...

You have tried the training provided by your bank’s Learning & Development team, but you have realized that it is not good enough. The training is great for basic product and process knowledge and even for some soft skills. But you are still not able to improve your business results adequately. Even when they are good, you find that their online options are not remotely as effective. Most versions of online trainings are webinar based and truth be told, they are very boring! You badly need an upskilling program.

You are energised by the sessions of some of your business seniors or even some specific individuals in your training team, but they do not have the exclusive time to devote to you. If only they had, boy, you would have loved it!

What you need...

Of course, you can gain much of this over time. But, who has the time to waste? Especially if you are working on a sales incentive structure where six months of missed incentives will mean an actual loss of a couple of lac rupees. Anybody who is wasting this kind of money must be really, out of their minds, don't you agree?

Wouldn’t you have hoped that there was some kind of a magic wand that will provide you the solution for this? Wouldn't it have been terrific if you had the option of having some kind of a Career Coach & a true Mentor? Someone who has seen it and done it and knows exactly what you need? Even a Roger Federer needs one!

So what you can get from us?

The goal that we have kept for ourselves is simple - you should improve your performance by 3X! This should help you out-perform your business targets, earn 3X incentives or bonus, get faster promotion and bigger salary hikes.

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How do we achieve this?
  • Specially curated course material, developed ground-up by expert industry practitioners with over 100 years of collective experience of running retail business in financial services sector. We bet you won’t find anything close, in either your bank’s training structure or in the market!

  • The content is divided into small 8 to 10 minutes long talks, interspersed by wisdom gained over decades and delivered by subject experts, personally to you! Yes, you guessed it, these talks are professionally recorded in a studio (not an actual class recording, thankfully) with high quality video and audio and with appropriate text and motion graphics to reinforce the message (not a dumb ppt!).

  • And all this accessible to you 24*7 at your free time (and not the training instructors’) on your web browsers and mobile apps (both android and iOS)

  • Interesting quiz sessions at the end of each module (your course may have more than 15 to 20 modules)to test your learnings and force you (really?) to go through the videos once again. You won’t have it easy for sure!

  • And finally our pièce de résistance

    One-on-one coaching by our industry expert for a minimum of 30 minutes per week on the phone! And that’s not all - the mentoring will continue for atleast 2 more months to help you put these learnings into action on the ground

  • Course duration

    Maximum 6 weeks with approximately about 6-8 hours of serious work per week that's it! This gives you the flexibility to learn as per your convenience but within some boundaries to keep you disciplined!

  • Course fee

    Original fee: ₹ 28,320 (₹ 24,000 + GST) New Year & Anniversary special discount of an incredible 40% (₹ 14,400 + GST) Pay only 50% of the course fee upfront and the balance after 2 weeks or 50% of your course completion, whichever is earlier :-)

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