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Job-Centric Upskilling in Retail Banking

Command Premium with Right-Fit Skills

Unique Content and Coaching

Un-matched Mentors and ROI

India’s ONLY Job-Centric Upskilling Startup in Modern Banking

  • Coaches you on the business skills that retail banks value
  • Makes you more hireable
  • Our unique Train+Support+Measure model enables you to outperform on the job (Tip: Doing well on the job is tougher than getting the job)
  • Well-spaced personalised learning that can be finished in 50 to 100 hours spread across 1 to 2 months and from any location (Tip: You will love this flexibility if you are already working or still studying)
  • Socially responsible pricing

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Socially Responsible Pricing

  • Fees in the approximate range of just about a month’s salary, in the jobs for which you are getting trained for (Tip: You can earn between 1000 to 1500% return on your investment in just 1 year)
  • If that is not good enough, how about paying us 2/3rd of this small fee only after getting your job? (Tip: We can’t keep it like this for too long for our survival😆)

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Complementary Placement Support

  • Support in getting interview calls
  • Assistance in preparing CV
  • Interview preparedness
  • Job-ready skills that banks love (Tip: This is the most critical one)
  • While we cannot guarantee jobs, we put 67% of our fee at stake till you get one (Tip: We are confident of the quality of what we do)

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Why BygC is the best for you

  • You will only learn banking theory and operational work outside BygC. If you are lucky to get a job, your skills  will soon become outdated.
  • Exclusive course material created completely ground-up.
  • Digital first program with studio recorded and professionally edited videos, accessible 24*7
  • Personalised 1-1 coaching for the course duration plus 2 more months of on-the-job support to help implementation of the learning
  • Only acknowledged business experts from the modern retail banks as your coaches
  • Now you know why some of India’s top banks are using our courses for their training for existing employees!

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Consider these if you are still a little unsure about a private sector banking career…

  • Banking is the backbone of the economy as well as of the job market
  • If India needs to become a $5 trillion economy, we need at least 8 banks in the global top 100 but we currently have only 1 (Source: Economic Survey 2020). This means that banks have a lot of headspace to grow.
  • BCG had estimated that the headcount in PSU banks will decline by 10% over the next 5 years whereas it will increase by 28% in the private sector banks.
  • Banking is also amongst the top paymasters in the country (Source: Jobs & Salaries Primer, Teamlease)

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Are you already in modern retail banking career? We can help you earn much more..

  • Specially designed programs to enhance your business/ sales skills
  • Upskill programs tailor-made for different job roles, whether you are a Branch Manager or a Relationship Manager or even aspiring to be one!
  • Devote only an hour-a-day for anywhere between 4 to 10 weeks for a comprehensive program, with personalised guidance from your dedicated coach
  • The coach who will spend at least 2 more months post the course completion to help you implement your learnings and improve performance (Tip: Even Sachin Tendulkar needed a coach)
  • Range of even shorter courses to address specific skill gaps (BygC Bytes & BygC Minis), that can be completed in 1 hour to 10 hours.

Retail Banking Courses

Unmatched content, accomplished mentors, unique course delivery

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Mini Courses for practising Retail Bankers to Upskill

BygC Bytes

Micro Courses for practising Retail Bankers


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Who We Are

Online academy for job skilling

We are the country’s first of its kind online academy, using digital technology to bridge the skill gap in the banking and the financial services sector. Our initial courses are structured for the benefit of college freshers looking for a career in the fast growing retail banking industry, employees from other sectors wanting a change in career, colleges seeking to improve their placement record by providing specially curated courses for their final year students and even banks seeking to upskill their existing employees.

Our courses are conceived and structured by industry stalwarts, keeping in mind the evolving job roles in these industries. The content will be focused on the specific skills needed for the real daily grind that the jobs will involve, to help the candidates to

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