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BygC bridges the gap between education and employment by being a professional platform for young people focused on career discovery and development. We focus exclusively on what we know best, India’s booming banking & financial services sector . BygC’s platform helps young people discover their passions and develop the relevant career skills, while empowering employers to attract the right talent more effectively.

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In line with the government’s focus on Skill India & our New Education Policy, our job-ready upskill programs are ideally suited for those students who are keen to start a career in banking or financial services post-completing their college. 

The quality of our training can be judged basis the following facts:

  • 3 banks have used our training for their employees 
  • 6 banks have an on-going job-ready partnership with BygC
  • We have already trained a couple of hundred candidates 
  • 12 banks have hired our trained candidates
  • The 3 co-founders have over 7 decades of collective experience across major banks
  • Our training faculty has the widest experience across modern banking in the country


BygC’s upskill program also comes with complementary placement assistance for our trained candidates.

This is the perfect solution for those who are about to complete their college course but have not yet got their preferred banking job.

We shortlist candidates basis their interest & once selected, we offer them skill training with guaranteed placement or 100% fee refund. 

While this program is also offered by us in the general market, colleges can benefit their students with an exclusive pricing deal with BygC. 

BygC’s Banking Career Support Program (BBCSP)

BygC’s BBCSP program is, as the name suggests, a program aimed at providing basic inputs and suggestions along with an insider’s view of the career opportunities in India’s booming financial services sector.

  • Seminar on banking career understanding, opportunities, on-demand skills and career roadmap
  • Banking interview guidelines
  • Resume preparation guidelines


We provide this program for interested candidates online, along with personalised guidance by BygC’s experienced trainers.

College tie-up may come with pricing benefits for your students plus live, classroom sessions, wherever possible.

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