Improving Sales Interactions - BygC Customer sales interactions for retail bankers

Improving Sales Interactions

Course Summary


Videos: 7 | Quizzes: 2

Course duration

Approx. 2 hours | Max. 4 days

Course fee

₹ 499 (+GST) Special promotional pricing: ₹ 249 (+GST)

Course Content

Customer Meetings

Customer visit | Branch walkins | Business from bearers

Non face-to-face Interactions

Telephone | Video meetings | Email | Others


Improving Sales Interactions

₹ 249

Banking is at the end of the day, selling banking products to customers. And sales will happen only when you interact with customers and communicate with them. 

In this course we take you through various tools and some perspectives on various different modes of customer sales interactions, and how you can maximise your business results by combining the quality of interactions with the quantity. 

While most of these modes are commonplace, very few truly understand how to maximise results. This micro-learning course is our attempt to make this daily activity most productive for you. Indeed, we believe that you can actually increase your productivity, spend less time getting business, be more successful and hence feel less burnt out!

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