Job First Program

Get the bank job first before joining the program

Imagine starting your banking career with a job in any of our country’s top banks, say an HDFC Bank or DBS Bank?

Now imagine a training program that provides you that kind of a bank job offer, before you even join and pay for that program?

That in a nutshell is what Job-First is all about. A program jointly developed in partnership with top banks under their Job-Ready model of hiring, where you join BygC’s course only after you receive the Letter of Intent (LOI) from the respective banks. This unique model of upfront placement provides you absolute peace of mind before you pay for the program. We currently offer this program in tie-up with six banks & financial services entities, at unimaginably low fees.

Our Partner Banks


About Job First Program

These programs are of usually very short duration, between 2 to 4 weeks.

The program fee varies between ₹ 7,500 & ₹ 30,000 across the banks. That’s what you will earn in your bank job in less than 1-2 months! While the skills you acquire are long-term and will enable you to both enjoy your job better & perform and earn better, in this highly competitive career.

A simple google search will also reveal that BygC’s fees are the lowest in the country among those that assures a bank job and offers the most flexible payment option, including options to pay parts of your course fee only after you start your bank job & start earning your salaries.

Unlike our Job Guarantee program where you attend the bank interviews after getting trained by us for at least a few weeks, in our Job First program, your probability of getting selected by your preferred bank is unfortunately lower, as you attend the bank interview without much preparedness.

Which is why we highly recommend that you at least join BygC’s Banking Career Support Program (BBCSP) first. Our BBCSP candidates have shown a 3X higher selection rate when appearing for the bank interviews under our Job First program.

So if you are keen to join any of our Job First programs, start by registering first for BygC’s Banking Career Support Program.

Please do also check out our FAQ section for more related inputs.

The Job-First Process

1. Attend Interview
Get nominated by BygC & attend 1 or more interviews with our partner banks.
2. Letter of Intent
Once selected, the concerned bank will issue LOI to you
3. Pay Joining Fees
Join the appropriate Job First course by paying the joining fee. Fees may vary, depending on the bank & the role.
4. Complete Course
Complete the online course satisfactorily as per time schedule
5. Joining
Join the bank job
6. Pay the balance
Pay the balance course fee (as applicable), after you start earning your salary
List of Courses
Job First Program for Retail Banker - HDFC Bank

Personal Banker | HDFC Bank

Start your career with HDFC Bank as a Personal Banker. A dream career can't be easier to achieve!
Job First Program for Retail Banker - DBS Bank

Asst. Sales Officer | DBS Bank

Join Asia's premier bank at an attractive package of ₹ 2.9 lacs plus sales incentives. What's more, the bank pays 75% of the course fee!
Job First Program for Sales Officer - HDFC bank

Sales Officer | HDFC Bank

This special course is designed and developed by BygC, under our special tie-up with HDFC Bank for those who get selected in the role of Sales Officer. Only those who get the Letter of Intent (LOI) from HDFC Bank can join this course
Job First Program for Retail Banker - Equitas

Business Development Officer | Equitas Bank

Start your career with Equitas Bank as Business Development Officer. Pay only 2/3rd of the course fee, with course joining fee of only ₹ 10,000.