I don’t like sales. Should I try?

In our experience, many people do not like sales because they have never bothered to understand sales well. If you are someone who likes to meet and talk to people, you will enjoy sales! If you are unsure, we suggest that you give it a whole-hearted try once. Sales in banking is anyway the biggest part of banking and for many, it is the best part. Here are some reasons:

  1. You can meet lot of different customers from different walks of life, including many famous film-stars, singers, cricketers, politicians, doctors, CEOs etc. Many of these customers will end up being your customers or even friends for life, even if you move on to different things in life.
  2. There is nothing boring and routine and clerical about a sales role
  3. Most sales in banking come from existing customers (relationship sales) and not from cold-calling
  4. Most customer meetings happen with prior appointments
  5. There is another mistaken assumption that only sales roles have targets – all customer-handling roles in BFSI, including cashiers, welcome desk, customer service officers etc., carry sales targets
  6. Sales roles have many times more vacancies & hence easier to get the job
  7. Sales roles get better salaries & very high incentives when compared to other roles in banks
  8. Sales people get faster promotion & bigger salary growth
  9. Sales people get more job opportunities from other competitor banks
  10. Many believe that sales people get better work satisfaction and better work-life balance too

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