Health Insurance Opportunity

Health Insurance

Key points from an interview of Mr. Subhash Khuntia, Chairman, IRDAI published in TOI (18th Nov, 2020) WFH will create more demand for cyber insurance Insurance is by definition a counter-cyclical measure to protect you against any economic downturn Incidence of natural catastrophes and pandemics has become more pronounced leading to increased demand Out of […]

Current Account Scoping


Opportunities for current account business will generally be smaller in semi-urban and rural locations. Given the importance of this business, how do you do current account scoping for best results? One of the generally overlooked item in smaller semi-urban and larger rural centres, is the potential from following a hub and spoke model. Our country […]

Housing Loan


Housing loans are amongst the largest retail loans in terms of ticket sizes. Apart from top-line, it also generates good income for you and your bank. Retail bankers must first learn to sell a ‘house’ and the housing loan will ‘follow’ ! A look at the property ads in daily newspapers is a good starting point. You will learn enough sales tips from these ads !!

Salary Business Opportunity


43% of total urban households earn their livelihood through salary This ratio is 13% even in rural Source: Annual report of Periodic Labour Force Survey, 2018-19, National Statistical Office With an increasing formalisation of the economy, you will see this percentage going up meaningfully, every year One of the potential positive impact of Covid […]

Life Insurance India

Penetration at 3.7% is quite low against the global average of nearly 7% Chinese insurers have over 15% share of term protection while for India on a weighted premium basis, it is in single digits. Endowment plans give topline, and other products contribute to the bottomline. Three protection policies need to be sold to match […]

Retail Auto Sales & Festive Demand

Auto Loan

Vehicle registrations in the country increased by 4% in August from July. Sharpest recovery was in passenger vehicles with sales dipping only 7% over August last year (13.4% increase over July’20). Tractor sales were higher than a year earlier for the third straight month. Source: Federation of Automobile Dealers’ Associations – compiled from government’s VAHAN […]

Getting started on LinkedIn


Create a LinkedIn profile, if you do not have it yet. If you already have it, update your profile immediately! Connect with every good customer you know, especially if you are handling a portfolio. When you send a connection request on LinkedIn, send a brief note introducing yourself – simple and straightforward introduction works best. […]

The Checklist Manifesto – Atul Gawande

Atul Gawande is an acclaimed surgeon and a fascinating writer. This book of about 200-pages explores how a simple checklist can solve complex problems in diverse areas like medicine, investment banking, skyscraper construction and business of all kinds. Read this eminently readable book to see if this helps you handle the multitudes of objectives ‘thrust’ […]

Where do you acquire more CASA customers from?

Are you working in a good bank? Is banking a universal requirement? If the answer to both the above questions is ‘Yes’ (the 2nd one is an obvious yes for all!), then shouldn’t charity begin from home? Let’s check this out for the set of people very well-known to you – do all of these, […]