• Are you working in a good bank?
  • Is banking a universal requirement?

If the answer to both the above questions is ‘Yes’ (the 2nd one is an obvious yes for all!), then shouldn’t charity begin from home?

Let’s check this out for the set of people very well-known to you – do all of these, bank with you fully?

  1. a) Immediate family members
  2. b) Close friends
  3. c) Next-door neighbours
  4. d) School & college-mates
  5. e) Ex-colleagues

Chances are, that this will be enough for you to meet your this year’s targets. If no, look at the extended social media connections – your’friends’ on Facebook, Instagram etc.

Do a quick estimate and check out your ‘opportunity size’ – let us know if this has made your task ahead a little easier 🙂