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  • Current Account

    Current Account Scoping

    Opportunities for current account business will generally be smaller in semi-urban and rural locations. Given the importance of this business, how do you do current account scoping for best results? One of the generally overlooked item in smaller semi-urban and larger rural centres, is the potential from following a hub and spoke model. Our country […]


  • housing-loan

    Housing Loan

    Housing loans are amongst the largest retail loans in terms of ticket sizes. Apart from top-line, it also generates good income for you and your bank. Retail bankers must first learn to sell a 'house' and the housing loan will 'follow' ! A look at the property ads in daily newspapers is a good starting point. You will learn enough sales tips from these ads !!


  • Salary Business

    Salary Business Opportunity

    43% of total urban households earn their livelihood through salary This ratio is 13% even in rural Source: Annual report of Periodic Labour Force Survey, 2018-19, National Statistical Office With an increasing formalisation of the economy, you will see this percentage going up meaningfully, every year One of the potential positive impact of Covid […]



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