Housing loan is amongst the largest retail loans in terms of ticket sizes. Apart from top-line, it also generates good income for you and your bank.

Retail bankers must first learn to sell a ‘house’ and the housing loan will ‘follow’ ! A look at the property ads in daily newspapers is a good starting point. You will learn enough sales tips from these ads !!

  • Work-from-home will become more of a routine, even post-covid. This will result in desire for:
    • Independent houses in plotted developments
    • Larger homes
  • More opportunities for gig working will also reinforce this need for larger houses. If one of the spouses is not working because of family obligations, he/she might start now with his new opportunity.
  • Need for more ‘healthier’ surroundings and lesser need to ‘travel to work’ will also make many to relocate to more preferred residential surroundings

Besides the above, there are a combination of many other factors that make the ‘next 12 months, ideal for home buyers’, especially for end users:

  • Attractive prices
  • Lucrative payment plans by builders
  • Availability of ready-to-move houses
  • Lowest home loan interest rates in many, many years

Do not miss out on this huge market opportunity to sell your housing loan product to your customers! A good win-win situation !!

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