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Sourcing Liabilities Business

Liabilities business provides the fuel for banks to run their business of banking. Banks act as the intermediary in the economy. They lend this money to those who need it, either for consumption or for productive purpose. Sourcing liabilities business therefore becomes a core aspect of banking.

Liabilities business is also amongst the most difficult to source. Unlike most asset products (which tend to be rate-sensitive), liabilities business depends a lot on many other parameters. This is the retail banker's most important job and also the toughest!

Sourcing liabilities business is also the primary reason for banks to have large retail branch network and even the costly digital infrastructure to service these customers.

This course explains the basic logic of banking business. And then goes on to give you an overview of the multiple constituents of liability business. This includes Resident CASA, Fixed Deposits and NRI products. This course then explains how intertwined banking is in everybody's daily life and shows you how to use this understanding to acquire customers and their liability business.

This course will suit bankers from non-liability segments who want to migrate to retail branch banking. This mini-course will also benefit newly posted retail bankers who are struggling to meet their liabilities targets. This may also be true for some seasoned retail bankers too! If you are completely new to retail banking, we recommend our Retail Banker course instead - a full-length course covering other areas of banking too, besides liabilities.

Course Summary:
  • Content

    Videos: 10 | Quiz: 4

  • Course length

    Less than 4 hours (approx)

  • Max. time period for course completion

    Max. 10 days (you can finish in a couple of days too!)

  • Course fee

    ₹ 3540 (₹ 3000 + GST); Special New Year & Anniversary Offer: 40% discount - ₹ 2124 (incl. GST)

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