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Banking career is amongst the most sought after, both in terms of social acceptance and also financial rewards. Banking & financial services entities are amongst the largest employers in the country. The sector requires large manpower with different skill sets, covering domains like retail liability sales, unsecured loans, mortgages, SMEs, relationship banking, wealth management, NRI business, branch operations, phone bankers, virtual RMs, wholesale operations, trade & foreign exchange, credit, assets operations, collections, life insurance sales, mutual fund sales, broking sales etc.

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In our interactions with job-seekers, including college students, we have realised that there is inadequate understanding of the career opportunities in banking. The massive skill gap between the demands in the modern banking sector and education curriculum further compounds the problem. 

We have tried to answer many of the standard questions about a banking career under our FAQ section. BygC’s Career Mentoring and Placement (CAMP) program is however our attempt to make this assistance more interactive and useful for those serious about getting started on their banking career.  

Talk to is if you are unsure of the benefits and you wish to know more. 

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CAMP Programs

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