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Online academy for job skilling

We are the country’s first of its kind online academy, using digital technology to bridge the skill gap in the banking and the financial services sector. Our initial courses are structured for the benefit of college freshers looking for a career in the fast growing retail banking industry, employees from other sectors wanting a change in career, colleges seeking to improve their placement record by providing specially curated courses for their final year students and even banks seeking to upskill their existing employees.

Our courses are conceived and structured by industry stalwarts, keeping in mind the evolving job roles in these industries. The content will be focused on the specific skills needed for the real daily grind that the jobs will involve, to help the candidates to be sure of what it takes to survive, thrive and enjoy their career.

With our courses structured around skill gaps in specific roles, we pre-screen the candidates before training and certifying them. We hope to engage the millennials and the Gen-Z employees of the future who have a DIY idea of learning, through our on-demand and online, mobile-enabled, video-based courses, community-based learning, and gaming. We intend to remain their long term career mentor fulfilling their need for continuous upskilling in the different career choices they may make in their working lives.

We service the virtual training needs of industry by working in collaboration with their business and L&D teams. We also provide industry with a larger pool of employable workforce and improve their hiring efficiency by helping them to move to a train-hire-deploy model of hiring.

Our Founders

Deep knowledge of industry and love for mentoring distinguishes the troika