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Understanding Customers

Retail banking is about generating banking business from retail customers. With limited opportunities for interactions and increasing productivity objectives, understanding customers has become the key to generating business. And this is without even considering the covid impact on customer interactions! Banks and bankers who intuitively understand this, will continue to stand apart.

Customers use digital and self-service modes to meet bulk of their basic requirements. But they still need a human interface to assist them on more important or complex needs. Bankers will need to do much more than what is happening at present in this basic area of understanding customers. Using data is a huge aspect of it.  

Data has indeed become fashionable for some senior leaders to talk about. But the field staff and their supervisors need more conviction on spending their time, understanding customers. This mini-course is our honest attempt to simplify this for all junior and mid-level bank officers. And try and communicate our deep belief that it is both practical and very productive to spend the time on doing this. Indeed, we believe that understanding customers can actually increase your productivity, spend less time getting business, be more successful and hence feel less burnt out!   

In this course we take you through various tools and some perspectives on how you can access data, why you should do that and finally, what should you do with that data! This is an effective part of learning to become a Retail Banker or a Relationship Manager.

Course Summary:
  • Content

    Videos: 8 | Quiz: 3

  • Course length

    Less than 3 hours (approx)

  • Max. time period for course completion

    Max. 7 days (you can actually finish even in 2-3 days!)

  • Course fee

    ₹ 2832 (₹ 2400 + GST); Special New Year & Anniversary Offer: 40% discount - ₹ 1699 (incl. GST)

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