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Sales Tools for Retail Bankers

The title 'Sales Tools for Retail Bankers' might sound intriguing. This micro-learning course cannot hope to cover the entire gamut of sales tools that good performing retail bankers use. Our goal is to introduce you to a couple of them. And if the results satisfy you, you may wish to explore plenty of other options available with us. Either our complete courses for various profiles or the plethora of options available under My BygC!

Retail banking deals in a complex array of products and services. Selling them requires reasonable level of expertise across the range. This is not just difficult for newbies, but even for reasonably experienced employees, as the products themselves evolve over time. Of course, there are no magic bullets. But there are still two very useful tools that have undoubted potential to make this easier. Both are "well-discovered" items and we lay no claim to originality, but we do believe that they remain generally vaguely understood and poorly implemented.

Dig in and finish this micro-learning course in less than an hour. More importantly, have the conviction to try them out in a well-thought out manner. Many do the mistake of assuming they 'know this already' and hence do not try and implement seriously. Don't be one of them!

Course Summary
  • Content

    Videos: 2 | Quiz: 2

  • Approx. course duration

    About 30 mins.

  • Course Fee

    ₹ 708 (₹ 600 + GST) Special New Year & Anniversary Offer: 40% discount - ₹ 425 (incl. GST)

  • Max. time period for course completion

    2 days

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