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Retail Banker One

Course Summary

Course snapshot

Videos: 49 | Quizzes: 22 | Assignments: 12; 20 hours of interactive learning including Masterclass sessions with industry experts

Course fee

₹ 9,999 (+GST)

BygC offer

₹ 7,999 (+GST)

Group discount

Bring along a friend of yours' and both of you can enjoy a discount of ₹ 1000. More the number of friends joining, better the discount for each. Max. discount of ₹ 3000 per person. Proportionate reduction in joining fee.

Course Content

Introduction to Retail Banking

Principles of basic banking | Needs of a retail customer

Liabilities Business

Product and business understanding of: Savings account | Salary account | Current account | CASA business | Fixed deposits | NR business

Other Products & Services

Product and business understanding of: Retail assets | Cards | Digital banking | Investments | Insurance | Retail foreign exchange

Customer Handling

KYC & AML | Understanding customers | CRM | Sales interactions | Relationship banking | Business enablers

Key Operational Controls


Retail Banker One

₹ 7999

Skill building course to help you prepare for a bank job and kickstart your dream banking career.

BygC understands the world of modern retail banking, better than most. Our founders have over 7 decades of experience, much of which has been in this area. BygC has always believed that skills are more important than degree. Not just for improving your chances of getting hired by your dream banks but also in ensuring a high level of performance on the job. Performance is critical for building your career, as well as to maximise your financial rewards.

Retail Banker One is an exciting new addition to BygC's offering for young banking aspirants. The course is specially designed to help you land your dream bank job. The primary objective is to land an entry level job in a private sector bank or small finance bank. However, this course will also be a useful talking point for you, in both your resume and your interview for even government bank jobs or any jobs in the BFSI sector.

Why retail banking?

The reason is simple. Banking happens to be a very vast subject and since most job opportunities happen in retail banking, a course focused on retail banking will provide you the greatest value, while keeping the cost low!


This course will provide you a good introduction to banking in general and retail banking in particular. You will learn about retail banking products, with additional focus on CASA products, basic understanding of customer needs, appropriate selling skills and key operational guidelines. Apart from these hard skills specially designed for your first bank job, BygC will provide you valuable inputs on preparing your resume and for bank interviews and mentor you on getting ready and growing in a banking career. Communication skills are also very important for modern bankers and our interactive sessions will also help you improve in this critical area. And if we feel that your current levels of communication skills may hamper your career prospects, we shall also advise you to join any exclusive program for that, which you may decide independently.

BygC shall also provide you complementary placement support for a period of 6 months. Our endeavor will be to place 100% of our candidates.

You may choose to do this course either in online or in classroom mode. Please check under "Classroom Program" for the fees and location details of the classroom-based course.

(Note: All prices shown are without GST added)

This course is meant for those who are keen on starting a new career in banking as an entry-level bank officer in retail branches

Below 28. Preferably lower.

Educational Qualification
Full-time graduate. Those finishing their graduation over the next few months can also apply.

English Communication Skills
Basic ability to understand and speak Indian English.

Not mandatory. But experience in sales or customer service will be useful.

All jobs in retail branch banking will be based out of branches and involve new customer acquisition, cross-sell and upsell of financial products along with some customer servicing and operational work. The proportion of sales and operational work will vary from bank to bank and from role to role. This course will provide you the business skills that will help you in any, or all of these roles.

If you are a fresher, it will generally be in the range of ₹ 15,000 to ₹ 25,000 per month. Depending on your educational background, experience and skill levels, this could be higher. In many banks, the role may also carry additional sales incentives.