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Relationship Manager

This is a specially designed online course for those aspiring to the job of relationship managers in retail banks. Our course will help you not just in the tough hiring process but also in your daily job. We do not bore you with banking theory. Knowing them is good, but not essential. Business skills is what is the key differential. Nobody provides business skills for relationship managers like BygC!

This works almost as a bait for your potential employers as they do not get such trained relationship managers from any setups across the country! This online course with personalised coaching will also enable you to carry the advantage beyond the interview. You will gain from the advantage, well into your first few months of working as a relationship manager. Join this course to get this unique BygC advantage!

This role provides you the opportunity to handle the best customers of the bank, making it the most sought-after job in retail banking. The role is simultaneously challenging and equally rewarding. Both in terms of career growth possibilities and in terms of incentives.

This course will also help you get a head-start over your colleagues in the bank. If you want to try out our tasting-menu first, before you commit for the full course, you may want to check us out, with one of our micro-courses under BygC Bytes. We are sure you will come back for the full course!

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If you happen to be already working as a retail bank Relationship Manager and you are only looking for an upskilling course to help you improve your business performance, we suggest that you consider our upskill course for relationship managers instead.

Role Summary :
  • Job

    This is the most important role in the branch, other than the Branch Manager. A Relationship Manager handles a portfolio of high net worth individuals and carries portfolio management and revenue generation targets from the same, along with adding new HNI customers.

  • Salary / Incentives

    Carries the highest business targets in the branch with the highest possible incentives! The salary levels are also generally high, 2nd only to the branch head.

  • Future Career

    Can move into a complete Wealth RM role or decide to move up the retail banking hierarchy by aiming for a Branch Manager role in 2 to 5 years time

Course Summary :
  • Content

    This course covers the business skills needed to perform the role of a relationship manager. The content focuses primarily on the key skills needed to sell better. Product & process level details will vary between banks and you will be trained in them as part of your induction training. The selling or business skills that you learn during this course, will be the key to do your job better than your peers.

  • Learning

    This course can be accessed online 24*7, including on mobile apps, giving you the flexibility to learn at your free time. The course is primarily delivered through studio-recorded and professionally-edited videos. One-on-one interaction with the instructor for minimum 30 mins. per week on the phone is a key differentiator of this course. This helps the candidate to clarify doubts and improve understanding. Mentoring will continue on phone, for at least 2 months after taking up a new job in this sector to help the candidate settle down in the new job.

  • Placement support

    The course comes with complementary assistance on CV & interview preparation. We also provide support in getting interview calls, wherever possible and required. While we cannot guarantee a bank job for anyone, our commitment & confidence in helping you get adequately placed can be gauged best by the fact that you need to pay 2/3rd of the course fee only after getting a job offer.

  • Duration

    This is a self-study course and must be finished within a maximum duration of 10 weeks. Usually this would take between 6 to 8 hours of study per week.

  • Course Fee

    ₹ 35,400 ($ 30,000 + GST)

Special Offer:
  • Special fee payment structure

    Pay only 1/3rd of the course fee upfront; pay the balance, only after getting employed!* (* conditions apply)

  • 10-day cancellation offer

    If you are not satisfied with the course, you may cancel your subscription and we will refund you the fees paid, subject to a deduction of ₹ 500 only towards administrative expenses. No questions asked!

  • Group discount

    Enjoy a discount of ₹ 1500 & ₹ 3000 per candidate, subject to groups of 2 & 3 candidates respectively, joining together in a group.

Who should apply?
  • Age

    Below 32 years

  • Education

    Fresh MBAs from top tier colleges with minimum 60% marks across. Freshers should not have any gap year in their studies, except for rare, justifiable reasons

  • Experience

    Sales professionals in BFSI space with 2 - 5 years experience and those in other industries including Pharma, Hospitality, Corporate Sales etc. with 3 to 6 years experience. This will especially suit those who have the experience of handling high net worth individuals. If the temptation of higher targets and higher incentives is too much to resist, this course is for you...

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