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Operational Controls

Principal focus of retail banking has substantially tilted in favour of business/ sales over the last many years. In all retail branch banking roles, business performance is what will determine growth of the employee within the organisation. Keeping this in mind, our biggest focus in almost all other courses has been on business. Meanwhile, please do check out our My BygC portal for many more tools, tips and blogs on and for business! But any employee can ill-afford to ignore basic operational controls.

Banking as an operational process is all about handling money. Safe handling of every single penny is important for both the customer and the bank. While different banks have their own detailed processes, there are some key operational controls that are largely uniform across banks, at least in principle. While all banks provide adequate training over a period of time, these guidelines can be confusing for a newcomer. Our endeavour over this brief session is to distill the critical elements only, without getting into the many hundreds of laws and regulations that govern banking. This ensures safe working for bankers and an opportunity to really focus on the business parameters.

Apart from newcomers, this micro-learning course will also be useful for anyone graduating into a supervisory role from a purely sales profile.

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    Videos: 3 | Quiz: 1

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    Less than 60 mins.

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    3 days

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