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Relationship banking roles or Relationship Managers (RMs) in retail banks are amongst the most sought after roles in banking. This role handles the best customers, carrying the highest business targets and consequently the highest sales incentives too. Relationship banking roles are also the stepping-stone for the Branch Manager roles. This short course under our brand 'BygC Minis' is intended to benefit junior retail bankers and their colleagues in the other financial services industry to learn the essence of relationship banking.

Retail banking deals in numbers. Retail branches acquire lots of customer relationships. And increasingly, customer acquisition will also happen through the digital channels and even the business correspondents route. Better digital infrastructure will cater to the bulk of the requirements of these customers. But the high-value relationships, constituting the top 20% of the customers, need to be nurtured by the bank. Relationship Managers (RMs) in retail branches handle this job.

This short course helps you to learn both the sales process involved and the skills required for this role. We have presumed here that you know the basics of banking and you are either an aspiring RM or have only recently become an RM - trying to come to terms with the new realities! Many banks call these profiles with different names; but we have used this term in this course in a very generic manner.

Do not worry if you happen to be amongst those who are new to banking, but experienced in sales and customer handling roles. We have you covered - try out our Relationship Manager course instead !

Course Summary:
  • Content

    Videos: 11 | Quiz: 4

  • Course length

    Less than 4 hours (approx)

  • Max. time period for course completion

    Max. 10 days (you can finish in a couple of days too!)

  • Course fee

    ₹ 3894 (₹ 3300 + GST); Special New Year & Anniversary Offer: 40% discount - ₹ 2336 (incl. GST)

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