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Business from Bearers

Generating business from bearers visiting bank branches is a key tool in the hands of retail bankers to improve their business productivity. Most business customers also happens to manage their day-to-day banking operations with their office staff. (Do check out our BygC Minis course on Current Accounts for a broader understanding of their needs.) Bankers use the term 'bearers' to categorise this segment. And many of these bearers, visit branches very regularly for various banking needs, ranging from simple cheque deposits to cash transactions to more complex requirements like LCs or BGs etc.

Those retail bankers who are keen on business, are happy to receive customers walking in to their branches. We are ignoring the current pandemic-related social distancing issues. Meeting customers at branches generate the maximum productivity for retail banks.

But most banks ignore the business potential from this vast segment of bearers. This micro-learning course is therefore, an attempt by us to highlight the business potential from these bearers. The course also shows you how you can actually do this effectively.

This course will benefit cash officers and customer service officers and their supervisors. This is even more useful in branches in commercial areas with high bearer foot-falls. Branches with very low foot-falls too, must capitalise on every single person walking into the branch, even if that person is a bearer !

Course Summary:
  • Content

    Videos: 2

  • Course length

    About 30 mins.

  • Max. time period for course completion

    Max. 2 days

  • Course fee

    ₹ 531 (₹ 450 + GST) Special New Year & Anniversary Offer: 40% discount - ₹ 319 (incl. GST)

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