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Branch Manager

Set yourself up for a great career in new-age retail branch banking, with this first of it's kind online course for branch managers' role. This course will suit a wide variety of career-focused individuals, not just from the world of banking or financial services, but even those from retail sales, telecom, hospitality, pharma and FMCG, to name a few.

The objective of this position is to achieve the business goals, while following the guidelines prescribed by the RBI and the bank. This role requires sales and relationship skills, team handling and ability to quickly come to grips with the subject of banking and financial services.

Our job, of course, will be to help you bridge the identified skill gap, so long as you have a keen desire to succeed in this career! Being an online course, the best part is that you can do this program while continuing your present job - even an hour a day would be sufficient.

Role Summary :
  • Head of a retail bank branch - responsible for business, branch profitability, customer service, banking operations, audit & compliance and general administration

  • While banking is the backbone, your success will broadly depend on your ability to manage your team and engage well with high net worth customers

  • As a first time branch manager (BM), you will handle small to medium branches to begin with, and then move up to branches with larger job size, subject to your performance.

Course Summary :
  • Content

    This course covers the business skills needed to perform the role of a branch head in a retail bank. The content focuses primarily on the key skills needed to sell better and how to handle the team effectively for superior results.

  • Learning

    This course can be accessed online 24*7, including on mobile apps, giving you the flexibility to learn at your free time. The course is primarily delivered through studio-recorded and professionally-edited videos. 1-1 interaction with the instructor for minimum 30 mins. per week on the phone is a key differentiator of this course. This helps the candidate to clarify doubts and improve understanding. Mentoring will continue on phone, for at least 2 months after taking up the new job, to help the candidate settle down in the new job.

  • Placement support

    The course comes with complementary assistance on CV & interview preparation. We also provide support in getting interview calls, wherever possible and required.

  • Duration

    This is a self-study course and must be finished within a maximum duration of 12 weeks. Usually this would take between 6 to 8 hours of effort per week.

  • Course Fee

    ₹ 53,100 (₹ 45,000 + GST)

Special pricing benefits
  • Unique fee payment structure

    Pay only 1/3rd of the course fee upfront; pay the balance, only after getting your new job!* (* conditions apply)

  • 10-day Cancellation Offer

    If you are not satisfied with the course, you may cancel your subscription and we will refund you the fees paid, subject to a deduction of ₹ 1500 only towards administrative expenses. No questions asked!

For Whom?
  • Relationship managers and other senior branch functionaries of retail banks with overall 5 to 10 years experience and impatient to get to the BM role !

  • Senior managers handling teams and managing business in retail banks, but not in branch banking, with experience of 6 to 12 years

  • Young branch managers in public sector banks and other senior managers in team-handling roles in the BFSI industry with 6 - 12 years experience and looking at a career change

  • Senior managers in team-handling roles in any industry including FMCG, Telecom, Pharma etc. with 8 to 12 years experience

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