Job First Program

Get the bank job first before joining the program

Imagine starting your banking career with a job in any of our country’s top banks, say an HDFC Bank or Axis Bank or DBS Bank?

Now imagine a training program that provides you that kind of a bank job offer, before you even join and pay for that program?

That in a nutshell is what Job-First is all about. A program jointly developed in partnership with top banks under their Job-Ready model of hiring, where you pay for BygC’s course only after you receive the Letter of Intent (LOI) from the respective banks. This unique model of upfront placement provides you absolute peace of mind before you pay for the program. 

Our HTD Partner Banks


About Job First Program

These programs are of usually very short duration, between 2 to 6 weeks.

The program fee varies between Zero (!!) to ₹ 30,000 across the banks. That’s what you will earn in your bank job in less than 1-2 months! While the skills you acquire are long-term and will enable you to both enjoy your job better & perform and earn better, in this highly competitive career.

A simple google search will also reveal that BygC’s fees are the lowest in the country among those that assures a bank job. 


The Job-First Process

1. Register with BygC
Join the program by paying the one-time registration fee
2. Get interview ready
Get ready for the selection process of our empaneled banks
3. Letter of Intent
Once selected, the concerned bank will issue provisional offer letter
4. Pay course fee
Pay the appropriate joining fees, as per the particular bank-specific program
5. Complete course
Complete the online course satisfactorily, as per time schedule
6. Start your banking career
Join the bank job
List of Courses

Retail Banking

Pay after placement offer for BygC's popular retail banking course. Join with a small registration fee only!

Branch Banking

For those interested only in retail branch operations & inside sales roles
Axis Bank Officer Sales

Axis Bank | Officer Sales

Start your career with Axis Bank with a fixed salary of up to ₹ 2.4 lacs per annum plus very good sales incentives! Enjoy zero course fee!!

DBS Bank | Asst. Sales Officer

Join Asia's premier bank at an attractive package of ₹ 2.9 lacs plus sales incentives. What's more, the bank pays 75% of the course fee!
Job First Program for Sales Officer - HDFC bank

HDFC Bank | Sales Officer

Get hired by HDFC Bank as Sales Officer before you pay for the course
Job First Program for Personal Banker - HDFC Bank

HDFC Bank | Personal Banker

Join India's top bank for the best entry level job in retail branch banking